Monday, September 17, 2012

The Arcade: spices, ears, hamsters, cameras oh my!

Who doesn't love these little hamsters in Arcade Gatcha...They are so adorable, customizable and the Ao available with it makes the 100L a gatcha play down right criminal. 
Few other favorites, the mickey ears by Auxiliary and the vintage cameras by Tee*fy. 
Pretty soon the shelves behind this sweet little hamster will be filled with more favorites from The Arcade. 

 The craftsmanship on these spice jars are BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful. From the colors and shading all the way down to the fine details of the animals and even the clumping of some spices within the jar, makes these a must have. Anya is truly an artist and  I enjoy so much of what she does within Sl.

xoxo Jaliyah Latrell


!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [Mr&MsRabbit. Cumin]
!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [MsElephant. Mustard]
!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [MsPanda. Garlic Powder]
!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [Ram. Ginger]
!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [Lion. Basil]
!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [MrZebra. Sage]
!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [MsZebra. Wasabi Powder]

::BB:: Dwarf Hamster Gacha (BOXED) Parti Sable
::BB:: Dwarf Hamster Gacha (BOXED) Fairy Peach
::BB:: Dwarf Hamster Gacha (BOXED) Cream

[Auxiliary] Gacha_Mouse Ears (Bow) - Black3

Tee*fy Vintage Biege Camera

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