Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Omg Gacha is just around the corner!

Omg Gacha will be opening July 1st and there are so many cute things to play for. I'm wearing just a few things. Get your lindens ready!

Hair-.ploom. Boomer New@ Level Up
Skin-Pink Acid Anakoi-Cream
Eyeshadow-Soiree - Moondust Day Eyeshadow
Eyeliner-R.icielli - I'M GLAM Makeup Kit
Shirt-Static -Kawaii Top(Black - Cutie) (Soon@ OMG Gacha)
Undies-*BOOM* Ariara Bikini Bottom- Taffy
Bandaids-jk: Ouchies and Oopsies Gatcha - tattoo layers (knees&face!!)
Boots-REIGN.- REIGNBOOTS Fatpack@ Kustom 9
Nail Applier-ILLMATIC - Style n File :: Mermaid Fantasea

Earrings-[F]oil- Matisse Sea- Pink (New)
Necklace-.{yumyums}. Plastik Candy {Perfectly Pink} RARE (Soon@ OMG Gacha)
Ring-- Pr!cK - TeaTime (Soon@ OMG Gacha)
Phone-.tsg. Keitai Flip Phone - Creepy Cute RARE (Arcade)
Backpack-NeverWishCoffin Backpack - Pink Rose - Rare (Soon@ OMG Gacha)

Pet-[SWaGGa] -Zorgie -Mistic (Rigged) RARE (Soon@ Omg Gacha) <3 love this thing!!

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