Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My apologies.

I'm sorry to all readers/visitors/designers that i have not been blogging the past week or so. Work has become quite busy, The holidays are just around the corner and theres been lots of shopping and rl interruptions that have kept me from blogging.  However I just want everyone to know that i will be blogging very soon. probably before the xmas or just after.

Thank you for your understanding!!

xoxo Jaliyah Latrell

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My sweet Audrina

Squealssss! It's that time again. I hope you have your pocket book/wallet full and ready to spend at The Arcade Event. I love this gacha event, this time around there's even more goodies to be had. Try for all those rares, and go broke! I know I will. My first visit there I pretty much got all I wanted but I'm sure i will go back for a try at more collectibles items. Today I decided I'd blog a few things I received with my plays. The doll heads from Fashionably dead <3... cute PJ's with feet from Cracked mirror and the beautiful tiaras made by Noodles. 

So get down to The arcade...there is so much more to buy!

xoxo Jaliyah
points if you know where the blog title is from.