Monday, July 29, 2013


Milk has released these amazing Forest Horns for SFW and they work with the new materials content in SL. Seriously guys, these are awesome!! I think I spent the first day just changing windlights and local lighting to see all the different effects that happen with these. Go get them!

My Ugly Dorothy will be releasing Norah soon and it is another beautiful skin by Sopha! With all the different makeup options,eyebrows and the break up of makeups on layers makes this yet another very customizable skin. Keep an eye out for it's release.

Soedara never fails to release wonderful creations for the gorean/bdsm communities. It brings back some memories of my past roleplay explorations into this world and I sure wish I had her designs back then <3


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Meet Harley!

Harley by Pink Fuel is here!! As promised here is my Harley Post!! So ....omg..I did not expect to have taken so many pictures but there was just so much about this skin I loved I had to share my favorite things.

Firstly, Eyelid options!! It's almost like having more than one skin really, especially if you factor in the button nose options as well. (button nose is my favorite)

Just a few of my favorite makeups. I know you are like a few?! Yep, I couldn't possibly show them all. Each color had 3 wear options and I don't think my eyes could take much more in Photoshop :P Sorry for the pictures. They are a bit funky because I didn't want to do any embellishments to the skins.

Lastly but certainly not least. My favorite tones!

Seriously ladies, If you have not picked up this awesome skin, do so now. Harley is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you again Mochi <3~

Hair- Baiastice 
Lingerie- Luck Inc
xoxo Jaliyah Latrell


So excited about the full release of Harley by Pink Fuel! Since winning the Rare freckle version of this skin, I have been waiting for this very moment. Mochi has out done herself this time. There are so many options for these skins I couldn't possibly give it justice so I will link you to Mochi's flickr page where she explains in depths.

Also a new release by chronokit! A dress and matching Bolero perfect for the summer. It comes in many colors and prints so check it out.

A Bigger post to come for skin. Harley will be released at 3pm SLT. Make sure you are there! <3

-Jaliyah Latrell
Mochi's Flickr-


Saturday, July 20, 2013

About Hers

Happy Birthday Ms Button! You are appreciated for the beauty you add to our lives in Second Life!


Thursday, July 18, 2013


PXL will be releasing their new skin very soon name Jade. It's absolutely gorgeous so keep an eye out for it's release.

" There are 15 lip colors, 2 levels of cheekbones shading, and freckles,  which are embedded into skin.
Then there are also 15 eye make-ups, 5 brow colors, a no brow option, 3 lips glosses, mole options and 3 cleavage options, which are all on tattoo layers. This gives you freedom to mix and match as you choose."

Oh my!! I am going to have a field day with this one ladies!



Lemon Kiwi


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hair-. Liquence . - F2 in Natural Fades
Skin-Izzie's - Jill Safari Skin dark tan (NEW) for The Liaison Collaborative
Dress-[Cynful] Summer Breeze - Tan (NEW) for SL Fashion week
Belt-R.icielli - MARGOT belt /gold
Shoes-! Shoes HELENA - 12colors / REDGRAVE
Necklace-Chain RR Long Gold   -RYCA-
Bracelet-Izzie's - VIP GG July 2013 (Leather Strap Bracelets)
Ring-[bellballs] Cheetah Metal Ring- Gold
Hands-Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual
Hand Applier- Izzie's in Dark Tan
Nail applier- Izzie's

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hair Fair part 1

Hair Fair.....How I love thee let me count the showing you some of my favorite hairs!

Other Credits:

Necklace-[F]oil- Buckle Belt Necklace -Gold
Top- Cynful- Spring Break- Black

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hair- .:EMO-tions:. * ALISON*/black (Hair Fair Gift)
Skin- Essences - Whisper Goth Brown Sugar *Brunette*
Eyes- .ID. Darkest Browns / Cocoa 2
Dress- ISON - ruffle dress -S- (tan)
Shoes- [PM] Baby T's Plain : Russett
Hands- Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Hand Skin Appliers- Essences- Brown Sugar
Necklace- SB :: Orion Goddess Bodychain - Gold
Earrings-(Yummy) Pearl Earrings
Bracelet- (epoque.s) Abrasive Cuff - Gold

Ring-[bellballs] Cheetah Metal Ring- Gold

Friday, July 12, 2013


Yes Ladies and Gentlemen it is that time again. Hair Fair is here starting 12am slt On July 13th. For a great cause your hair purchases will make a difference in young children's lives everywhere. Let's show them plenty of  love this year.

Beautiful styles to pick up this time around.
xoxo Jaliyah

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Chain Hits My Chest.

Hair-. Liquence . - F1 in Genetics
Skin-.: vive nine :. Estelle SPF204 Base & Makeups
Eyebrows-Soiree - Brows / Vivian
Top-::LC::My Chiffon Blouse [black]
Bodysuit-::LC:: Wet Look Bodysuit w/ Lola tango Applier (New)
Socks-GoK- Thigh High Socks Black
Shoes-::LC:: Ashley Gogo Boot w/ HUD Noir (New)
Necklace-[whatever] Chain Pack - gold
Bracelet-[whatever] Chain Pack - gold
Nails-::je suis...naive Nailpolish v.2::Leopard:: browns

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sugar & Spice


1st Look-
Hair-. Liquence . - F2 in Natural Fades (New Store)
Skin-.: vive nine :. Estelle SPF204 Base & Makeups
Eyebrows-Soiree - Brows / Vivian
Lipstick-*Glance Skins - Anais - October - Lips glossy 2
Top-erratic / cary - double tank / whites
Bottom-Maitreya Stefani Pants * ColorPack 1 (50% off sale)
Necklace-[F]oil- BOSS Chocker- Gold (New)
Bracelet-illmatic :: Lena Pendant Bracelet - Gold
Waist Chain-[F]oil- Bloggers set 3rd bead belly chain (New)
Nails-::je suis...naive Nails v.2::BASIC NAILS

2nd Look-
Hair-Magika [01] Clumsy (50% sale)
Skin-_CandyDoll_ Hanna Caramel
Lipsticks-[PF] Glossy Pout Lipsticks <Pinks> (new)
Top-[Cynful] T-Dress - Eggplant Lace [TDRF] (new)
Shorts-[Cynful] Isia Jeans Short - Light Blue (new)
Feet-Slink Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet
Shoes-Slink Aussie Thongs White
Nails-Izzie's - Gradient Nails

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Night

Hair-Magika [01] Intended (50% off Sale)
Skin-Glam Affair - Zara - America 02
Freckles-[PXL] FullBody freckles (tattoo 2.x)
Eyes-IKON Destiny Eyes - Hazel
Top-[AUX] Truffle Top - Blue
Skirt-.: vive nine :. Zina Asymmetrical Skirt - Black
Heels-Maitreya Gold Liaison - Color Pack #1
Purse-MG - FuFu Bags - Madame Mimi
Necklace 1-MG - Necklace - Raisa Drop Necklace
Necklace 2-MG - Necklace - Jewelled Peacock
Bracelet-MG - Bracelet - Monaco Nights