Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Harvest hunt Starts September 1

Just a few things to look forward to when Summer Harvest hunt kicks off on Sept. 1st.
There are some wonderful clothing, home decor/ props for this hunt.  These are a few of my favorites so far to decorate with. Everything but the foliage on the wall has built in poses to enjoy too.


SHH #46 Prism Furniture and More- Fall Near Swing
SHH #6 Little House of Curios Autumn Begins Bench MESH
SSP Sunflowers for Summer Harvest hunt
SHH - 60 - PNP -Picking Apples Tree
SHH - 79 - Absent Designs - Wheel Barrow
Sway's Gift - Summer Harvest Hunt
Wall Candy - Summer Harvest Hunt gifts  - Fall Foliage

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