Thursday, November 7, 2013

Soedara Goodness

If you have not been to Soedara and/or you are into roleplay of the Gorean persuasion you should be on your way there right now. What I like so much about Soedara's clothing is that it comes with so many extra treasures. It is a complete look without having to go to many different places to find all you need. If you ever do need a few extras, you can find those here too. The versatility and wear options makes it easier to customize your look. I've blogged 3 of my favorite new releases from Soedara...hope you like them.

1st pic-
Hair-[taketomi]_Namie_Blacks (wear)
Skin-[the Skinnery] Runa - Bare face(brownie)(NEW)
Outfit/jewelry/tattoos-~Soedara~ Gayat al-Muna Harem Girl {Blue Phantom}(NEW)

2nd pic-
Hair-.b - honey  - blacks
Skin-::Modish:: Xia {Caramel} skins
Outfit/jewelry/~Soedara~ Quanah of the Plains {Exotic Brown}

3rd pic-
Hair-Exile::Just a Reason: 8. Blacks
Skin-::Modish:: Xia {Caramel} skins
Outfit/Jewelry/Tattoos and Shoes-~Soedara~ Strength of Atikamekw {Fur Brown}

Breasts-Lolas ::: Tango ::: Updated 

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