Saturday, July 12, 2014


I got so many amazing hairs I would love to share with you guys. There were so many styles I loved and I couldn't see myself leaving even one out of my coverage because I got them  because I loved them.  So the next few days I will be posting pictures. Tuesday evening  I will finally be home with my high speed internet and I will be more actively making outfit posts as well. So here we go!

New hair store Blues by Elisaokkbye debuts at Hair Fair this year! From the styles above I can tell she will be a fun addition to the world of hair designers. I look forward to seeing more from this store. There was a 5th hair but it will be in another post.

 Ploom! From pretty to punky, sophisticated and sweet. You can find any hairstyle to your liking when you walk into Ploom. Helyanwe has been around for as long as I have been in SL and when she releases, I keep an eye out.

 This year I said all the curls and wavy hairs will be mine and they are! I absolutely love these hairs. Colleen is definitely a favorite for me this Hair Fair and Analog Dog has always been a great stop if you want curls and waves. I was not disappointed!

More to come soon guys! Stay tuned

Extra Credits:

Pic 1-
Skin- Essences {Galadriel} *medium02*  (NEW)
Romper- ...Mutresse... Ebele Romper - 12 Colors (C88)

Pic 2-
Skin-Essences {Galadriel} *medium01*  (NEW)
Romper ...Mutresse... Ebele Romper - 12 Colors (C88)

Pic 3-
Skin-*Glance Skins - Tian - SKT06
Tank-!Blah. (My Tiny Tank Tops) Hot Pink
Undies- lazybones - nicki thong

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