Friday, August 29, 2014

Are you ready for #TheMeshProject updated body?

First and foremost I want to thank The Shops for entrusting me to blog their upgraded beta mesh body <3 What a privilege!  
In this post I will be covering The basics and #TheMeshProject Deluxe Mesh Body. There is so much I want to say, where do I start?!

I will start with giving you some important information.  

Before purchasing your body make sure that you have and are wearing the most up to date Shopping Hud. Thankfully when you tp in to The Shops you are automatically given a folder called "TheShops! Huds & More" Which also includes the StyleMode Hud you will need for your new body as well.

When you have fully rezzed look along the wall for "The Mesh Project" with five lovely ladies above the sign. Click on the sign or picture and you will be teleported to the room for Beta Mesh body and Mesh heads. 
Once you are in the next room follow the instructions on the numbered wall. 

Numero uno is to buy your mesh body! 
There are 4 mesh bodies available for purchase. Free,Starter,Basic and Deluxe.

Free- comes with all 36 skin tones. However you will not be able to wear additional skins, clothing or tattoos with this body. You must upgrade to at least Starter.

Starter- Price 1000L
Comes with all 36 skin tones. You will be able to wear skins, one clothing  layer and 1 tattoos layer. Starter body does NOT include Alpha hud.

Basic-Price 2500L
Comes with all 36 skin tones. You will be able to wear skins, 1 clothing layer and 1 tattoo layer. You will also receive Alpha Hud, 5 hands and 3 feet.

Deluxe- Price 5000L
Comes with all 36 tones. You will be able to wear skins, 2 clothing layers and 2 tattoo layers. Deluxe comes with Alpha Hud, all hands and feet (5 hands and 5 feet)

After you choose which body you would like to purchase continue down the wall for all available optional add ons, try and buy mesh heads and/or visit The Boutique to style your body. 

2. StyleMode Hud 
This hud is your new best friend. When you wear it, click to begin.  
It will recognize the mesh body parts/clothing you are wearing and icons of each part will be along the bottom of your screen. What is available to wear/modify/style all depends on what you have purchased and/or have installed.  Use the Modify and Style buttons to change/color or switch between hands/feet respectably. I will leave that to you to figure out. I had fun doing it on my own.
*Important* If you are wearing your body with system Second life head (as I am) there is an option to retrofit within the hud along with blending tattoos for each tone to blend in system neck with your mesh body.

3. Alpha Hud-
Use this to hide/show parts of your body while wearing mesh clothing to aide in a better fit.

Now that we have all that out of the way. *wipes brow* I want to share with you the shape I made. I have also made GIFs for you all to see the different hands and feet that come with the Deluxe Mesh Body. My first time making my own GIFs in Photoshop yay! (proud moment) All photos have NOT been touched up or smoothed out with Photoshop so that you can really see the body as it is..beautiful!

I created this shape in less than 15 mins. The body is easy to adjust using sliders as it is fitted mesh. My favorite part of the body if I had to pick would be the breasts. They are just amazing. They look great at any size and believe me I even tried them with my slider at 100. The best breasts I have seen yet on any mesh body I have tried so far.
The butt is adorable and probably my second favorite part of this body. The shape of it just makes me squeal with excitement. 

I also really like the hands. They remind me of pianist fingers, I just adore them. A friendly reminder. When wearing Hands & Feet please adjust their sliders between 30-50 so that they look in proportion. 

Hands- Relaxed,Natural,Hold,Handle & Clutch.

Feet-Bare,Low,Mid,High & Ouch!

I can go on and on about why I love this body but I hope the pictures will speak for me.

Last but certainly not least. Here is the link to all designers who have received installation kits to create for this body. I really look forward to seeing what will be created for this body by so many talented creators/designers.

Feel free to message me if you have questions about how the body works that I did not cover here :)
Jaliyah Latrell

Hair-Eaters Coma - HAIR 49 / Chestnut
Skin-THESKINSHOP (21) (SKIN) 'Chanel' (Toned)
Eyebrows-Soiree - Brows / Kat
Eyes-[Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Chocolate
Lips-THESKINSHOP (21) (LIPSTICK) 'Flirtatious' (Soft Pinks)
Body w/ hands & feet-#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f)


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