Saturday, January 21, 2012

Matrieya & Izzie's

Let's talk about how amazing Maitreya is. Yes, I know you are already aware just how awesome Onyx clothing,hair, shoes and anything else she puts her mine to is, but she has gone beyond any expectations I had when it came to mesh clothing.

The leather leggings, Fugging hot!! My ass looks great in them, my thighs look great in them...heck they fit perfectly! I love the texture detail and the close fit of them. Skin tight never looked so comfortable.

On to the top..These sweaters are beautifully crafted. I think backs are one of the most attractive places on a woman..and the swooping at the back of these sweaters are a perfect framing of it. I also love the scrunched up arms and the classic look of the front. There's just so much detail in the construction of these pieces that make them a must have.

Izzie's has released  some lovely accessories lately , one being the satchel bag in my last post but now she brings us to lovely new additions to her store.
I'm wearing the Rainbow jewelry set that Izzie has released for Perfect Wardrobe. <3 it!! The bracelet is lovely especially and I'm really into the whole cubic look to the necklace.

Also released by Izzie's .....NAILS!!! Who can get enough of nails right? She released french tip ones of all colors and I'll have to wear them in the next few blogs, but I decided to wear the Tribal nails she also released. I love them...I love them.. I love them. Here's a closeup so you can see why.

Goodness I talked too much this time around, I'll stop talking so you can go shop!

xoxo Jaliyah

Credits Due-

Hair-.: vive9 :. Tall Tales Pony in Brunette Tones (Collabor88)
Shirt-Maitreya Mesh Athena Sweater * Creme
Pants-Maitreya Mesh Leather Legging * Fatpack S
Shoes-Maitreya Mesh * Alexa Wedges *  FLF Edition
Necklace & Bracelet-Izzie's - Rainbow Color Jewelry Set (Perfect Wardrobe) (NEW)
Nails-Izzie's - Tribal Nails (NEW) <3

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